1 : The Camlog Implant Body

Guide to the external form of Camlog ScrewLine designs and how this links across to Camlog form drills and the channels they produce. Contains information about Promote vs. Promote Plus designs and lengths and diameters of the different implants that are available.

2 : Camlog Collar Design

More information about where and how to use Camlog Promote vs. Promote Plus designs. Depending on the clinical situation there are distinct advantages for each design. Most implant companies do not allow a choice; Camlog does.

3 : Camlog Connection Design

It is easy to be confused about connection designs, there are so many of them. Find out what counts. Understand why the Camlog “Tube-inTube” design is so precise, strong, yet simple to use. It’s why Camlog has been so successful.

4 : Camlog Abutment / Restorative Design

Abutments are perhaps the most mis-understood portion of implant technology. Failure to appreciate what is required can lead to poor aesthetics and a less than satisfactory final result. As so many abutments are available for Camlog use this section to get a better feel for selecting the right component.

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