logo 13 (February 2016)

  • 6th International Camlog Congress
  • The Influence of the Tightening Torque of Conical Implant-Abutment Connections on the Positional Stability of the Abutment
  • A Total Concept for Treating an Upper Jaw With Indication Class IIIa
  • Esthetics and Function in the Anterior and Lateral Areas − Efficiently Implemented With iSy
  • Strategic Positioning
  • 5th Implant Dentistry Meeting 2015
  • White Gold and Its Economic Influence on Krakow

logo 12 (December 2015)

  • Dental Technology Is Skilled Ability Multiplied by Digital Technology
  • Immediate Restoration of an Upper Jaw With Four Implants Using the COMFOUR™ System
  • Isy – the Innovative Implant System Is Becoming Even More Firmly Established in Dental Practices
  • The COMFOUR™ System
  • Initial Experiences With the COMFOUR™ System
  • iSy Implant System
  • Successful Launch for CAMLOG in China
  • ICC 2016
  • Homage to the Personal Conversation

logo 11 (June 2015)

  • Camlog Focuses on Growth
  • Ids Review
  • Scientific Documentation of the Conelog® Implant System
  • An Implant Prosthetic Treatment Concept
  • Functional Treatment Methods
  • Isy System Extension
  • CAMLOG® Temporary Abutments Made From Titanium
  • CAMLOG – the Future Is International
  • Save the Date 6TH International Camlog Congress in Krakow, June 9 –11, 2016

logo 10 (April 2015)

  • 5th International CAMLOG Congress - a look back
  • Established Implantology Meets Bold Architecture
  • Implantological Rehabilitation of A Pronounced Hard and Soft Tissue Defect In the Esthetic Zone
  • The Temporary Restoration
  • Root-Line Becomes Root-Line 2
  • Conelog® Titanium Bases Cad/Cam – Conelog® Scanposts
  • Changes in the Isy Titanium Base Cad/Cam

logo 9 (September 2014)

  • 5th International CAMLOG Congress in Valencia with record attendance
  • Excellent preservation of crestal bone around CAMLOG® Screw-Line Promote® Plus Implants
  • Application-oriented research rewarded with the CAMLOG Foundation Research Award
  • CamlogConnect award ceremony
  • The challenge of esthetic implant restoration with insufficient alveolar ridge tissue
  • Restoration options for edentulous mandibles using Vario SR prosthetic components
  • Extension of the CAD/CAM product range for the CAMLOG® Implant System
  • Peter Braun – Introducing the new ceo of the CAMLOG Group
  • New distributor for CAMLOG in Finland

logo 8 (August 2014)

  • Extended and modified Guide System for template-guided implantation
  • 3D planning and template-guided implantation in fully and partially edentulous jaws
  • The iSy implant concept – efficiency in daily practice
  • CAMLOG Foundation Consensus Report
  • New: The iSy cover cap – totally relaxing!
  • The market trend for “digital dentistry” is gathering significant momentum

logo 7 (January 2014)

  • Information about the Camlog Congress in Valencia, June 2014
  • Introduction to the Camlog Brochure
  • Case Report: Strategic Movement of Teeth with the Aid of Final Camlog® Implants for Reconstruction of Functional Occlusion
  • Update on iSy, the new implant system from Camlog
  • Information about the CamloConnect Challenge
  • Introduction to the new Camlog Distributor in Thailand

logo 6 (July 2013)

  • Impact of Abutment dis-/re-connection on peri-implant hard and soft tissues
  • Camlog Foundation Research Award
  • Immediate Implantation and Full-Ceramic Restoration in the Maxillary Anterior Region
  • Locator®-Retained Mandibular Complete Prosthesis with ISY® Implant
  • iSy® by Camlog Breaks New Ground and Adds Dynamics to Implant Market
  • Valencia - The CAMLOG Congress 2014

logo 5 (April 2013)

  • IDS 2013: Many fans at Camlog and a perfect start for iSy and DEDICAM
  • Implant Prosthetics:
  • Removable Restoration on Implants: Implant-Supported treatment forms in the edentulous arch
  • The New iSy Implant System
  • Camlog: The new campaign
  • 5th International Camlog Congress: Valencia, Spain

logo 4 (December 2012)

  • Camlog's iPad app
  • Implants in patients undergoing Bisphophonate Therapy
  • The Esthetic and Functional final restoration of Implants set according to the Malo procedure and immediately restored
  • Innovative treatment concepts for fixed prosthesis using CAD/CAM Technology
  • Poster Exhibition from 2012 Camlog Congress Now Online
  • Team@Work.2020 - On Future Technologies and the Principle of Humanity
  • Higher, Faster Farther: IDS 2013