Abutment, Gold-Plastic

Abutments with a high melting temperature gold connection and a plastic burn-out sleeve. These are used as a starting point for a Custom Abutment. The desired form is waxed on to the portion above the implant platform, making sure that wax does not extend down over the collar.  The system is invested and then cast. At all times it...

Mesiostructure (Mesostructure)

An intermediate structure (in the middle of, between), in implantology this is usually a structure lying on top of the abutment(s) and underneath the definitive reconstruction. This is carried out for a variety of reasons, for example: to change the angle of the abutments, to splint the abutments, to provide a more precise fit of components, to facilitate construction...

Holding Key for Insertion Post

Special key which slides over triangular portion of Implant Insertion Post. Stabilizes the post so that the holding screw can be released, and the Insertion Post removed. Generally not used because the implant is secure in bone after placement. However, when the bone is very soft, then the implant may tend to rotate out when the screw is turned. By...


Holding device for hex screwdrivers with ISO shaft, connects to Insertion tools such as a Camlog Torque Wrench.

Ball Abutment

Single Screw abutment with Ball attachment. Comes in three gingival heights, 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 mm, (4.5mm not available for 3.3 mm implants). Not available in 6.0 mm platform size. Abutment is male portion and matrix housing is retained in denture.

Ball Abutment Set

Complete set of components for Ball Abutment. Includes Ball abutment, matrix housing (Cendres et Metaux Dalbo-Plus), duplication aid/spacer, stabilizing ring and ball abutment analog. Does NOT include Ball Abutment Driver.

Bar Abutment Accessory Components

Impression posts, healing caps, lab analog / soldering aid, burn-out base, cast-on base, laser-weldable base, solderable base, titanium bonding base + burn-out sleeve, holding pins and prosthetic screws.

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