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Our website is all about sharing knowledge and expertise. So, we really want you to contribute! As the Editor I am always looking for new content and new ideas to stimulate the growth of the Camlog Community. You can benefit from an increased profile in the Camlog Community and enhance your reputation too.

Do you record your procedures? Do you have notes and photos of your cases? Do you video tape procedures? You don't need to have a finished Case or Video. We'll help you produce the final presentation. All you have to do is email the Editor and tell him what you have. He will advise on best methods to turn your work into a finished slideshow or video, and in many cases we will undertake production for you. All we need is your notes and photos to begin.

We will make it as easy as possible for you. Gather your notes and email the Editor.

Review the Guide for Contributors here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Review of Contributions

We prefer contributions that are your own original content that has not appeared previously in other online or print publications. However, if your work has been published you can email the Editor and ask him to review.


You must have full copyright and/or written copyright clearance for any included content that is not your own. We will not publish works that contravene copyright. If your contribution is accepted for publication you will be required to affirm your full copyright of all content and we may ask you to supply proof of additional copyright for included content.