Goodbye and Thank You for the Past Seven Years

So, here we are, the last update of the CamlogConnect website. It reflects the great diversity of contributors and approaches that we have had the pleasure of hosting in the last seven and a half years.

We start with a new presentation from Dr Masahiro Nakagawa who comes from Japan. Dr Nakagawa has some of the most extraordinary case photographs that we have ever had the privilege of viewing. He shows every aspect of his case in stunning detail. As with many of our cases, it relates to the replacement of a maxillary central incisor. All too often this becomes a surgical exercise, which he shows in exquisite detail, but in this case he’s astute enough to see the need for tooth eruption prior to surgery.

We contrast this with three presentations in our archives. Again they reflect the diversity of approach, originality of thinking and broad spread of the Camlog community. One comes from Dr Eric Normand from France, the next comes from Dr Jörg-Martin Ruppin from Germany and the final case comes from Dr Ilaria Franchini of Italy. All three of these contributors have more than one presentation hosted.

Each of these show great attention to detail, the benefit of pausing for healing, and exquisite, precise surgical technique. 

It has been our pleasure to bring you this website. It will remain open for three months and then, unfortunately, at the end of September it will be gone.

Thank you for your support, your involvement and for being part of our community.