Farewell CamlogConnect

Dear Colleagues,

For the last seven and a half years CamlogConnect.com has come to you each month with case reports, videos and information about implant technology and case management. It’s a site where dentists can get started in implantology and as they gain skills and experience they can move to the next level, learning more about new procedures, new technology and alternative forms of therapy.

We are really proud that we have thousands of members extending around the world, in 87 different countries. We have had the opportunity to help and showcase young talent whose work you would never normally see or hear about. We have provided them with a platform that gives support in preparing their material, international exposure and recognition that they would never normally get. 

Unfortunately, the funding support for this project has now come to an end and this means that we will be closing down CamlogConnect.com very shortly. The last update will be at the end of this month. The site will be available for three more months and then close down completely at the end of September.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project. Your material has expanded our consciousness and broadened our horizons. It's been fascinating to see how the community uses the website and is excited to see each new update. Our software shows how news spreads like wildfire around the world as members sign in to see each new edition.

I would also like to thank our team of dedicated and talented individuals. My partner in the project, Andrew Lovatt, first saw the potential for on-line professional engagement, who made it all come about, who developed and then maintained the IT side of the website in Ireland. Unfortunately he passed away a few months ago, we miss him dearly. His partner, Sarah McDermott has stepped in and kept things running smoothly. John Henry Donovan developed much of the first class technology, co-ordinated the updates and maintained the website on a day-to-day basis. In seven and a half years we were never off-line. In the US, I would like to thank Laura Ceccacci who has an extra-ordinary capability with technology and organization. She is leaving us shortly to go to Dental School. She has a brilliant future ahead of her. Thanks also to the members of my office team who have helped me juggle a busy practice with this project.

We started this project with a belief that companies are often not the best people at spreading the news of their own technology. That users of the technology can mentor others and help them get comfortable with it. That peer-to-peer support can often help more than that from sales staff. That a site like this is cost effective because it greatly reduces the need for expensive support staff. That the community can lead the way forwards with showing new uses and innovations. That people with a computer, a tablet or a phone can get help, anywhere at any time of day or night. That together we can help each other. Seven and a half years later I believe this holds true more than ever.

So many thanks for your support over the years. We wish you the very best. We will miss you.