Transfer From a Natural Tooth to an Implant Supported Restoration Supporting an Over-Denture

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A patient had a failing tooth which was critical to retaining a sophisticated over-denture restoration. This tooth was removed and replaced with a Conelog® implant. A special transfer system was then used to generate a relationship with the existing over-denture crown. 

Crestal Sinus Lifts and Implant Supported Restorations for a Maxillary Rehabilitation

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Several teeth in the maxillary posterior region have been lost and are affecting function and aesthetics of the patient. This was solved by performing bi-lateral crestal approach sinus lifts and immediate implant placement. This allowed implant supported restorations to be placed.

The Impact of Two Implant Related Technologies: Augmentation and Digital Restoration

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A severely infected tooth had led to considerable alveolar loss. It was removed and the region augmented. An implant came later with yet more augmentation. Finally the case was restored using digital scan, design and mill technology.

Maxillary Incisor Replacement - According to Dr Fecteau

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A maxillary incisor with a large mesial defect needs to be replaced in a hurry. The procedure described in CamlogConnect by Dr Mark Fecteau was used. This involved removing the tooth, placing an implant, providing osseous augmentation about the implant and then removing the apical region from the failed tooth. 

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Conventional and Digital Restorative Dentistry

by Dr Peter Hunt

In this month’s update, we bring you four new presentations from around the world. Some of them use more conventional techniques, other feature cutting edge digital technology.

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Locator Abutment

Vario SR Abutment

The Locator® Abutment is an abutment configured with a Locator® Male. A female housing receptacle is processed into the denture and contains various nylon retentive rings with differing powers of retention. Designed to assist in denture retention. Read More

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