Natural Tooth Retention to Maintain the Marginal Tissue Complex in Transition to an Implant-Supported Restoration

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This case shows how preservation of the crown of a natural tooth with some root structure can help maintain the marginal gingival tissues and crestal bone following an extraction. This simplifies the transition process to an implant-supported restoration.

Ridge Split for Horizontal Atrophy in the Anterior Maxilla

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Horizontal atrophy of the anterior maxilla is common following removal of the maxillary incisors. This Case Report shows a Ridge Split to counteract this problem. This has the advantage of being a single stage procedure with quick healing and minimal post-operative complications.

Implant Insertion for a Maxillary Canine

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This video shows the placement of a Conelog implant in a canine region. It will be restored with a telescope abutment to retain an overdenture.

Enhanced Regeneration for a Maxillary Incisor Implant

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A maxillary central incisor needs to be replaced with an implant, but when it is removed the residual bone defect is larger than expected. See how the regeneration process is enhanced using grafting with growth factors.

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Augmentation Around Implants

by Dr Peter Hunt

The time is fast passing where implants are simply placed into a bone channel created in the ridge. These days augmentation of one form or another at the time of implant insertion is becoming standard. We have a good variety of material for you to review, all with a central theme: Augmentation around Implants.

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Gingivaformers failing to seat


When gingivaformers are not fully seated they are liable to loosen and fall out which can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. It is a good idea to take a radiograph at the completion of the surgical procedure to verify that the gingivaformer is fully seated. Read More

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