Large Scale Bone Block Procedure for Maxillary Augmentation Prior to Implant Rehabilitation

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This case shows how a young patient with an almost complete denture was able to be rehabilitated with a large scale maxillary augmentation using bone blocks, dental implants and an all-on-six rehabilitation.

Large Scale Bone Grafting from the Hip with an All-on-Six Implant Reconstruction

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A patient had lost most of the base of her maxilla following the loss of her maxillary teeth. She received large scale bone grafts harvested from the hip to regenerate a ridge which was able to accommodate dental implants. A fixed reconstruction was then able to be provided.

Peri-Implant Breakdown Requiring Major Augmentation and Rehabilitation

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A maxillary anterior three-unit, implant-supported splint was failing with major bone loss in the region. The implants were removed and immediately replaced with a simultaneous large scale bone graft. Following healing, individual restorations were able to be placed.

Replacement of an Adhesive Pontic in a Resorbed Ridge

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This video shows the removal of an adhesive pontic and its replacement with an implant. To correct the ridge deficiency, considerable time was spent in freeing up  the marginal gingival complex, advancing it and then augmenting the alveolus in the region.

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Management of Large-Scale Alveolar Defects

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We have some big, bold cases for you: two doctors from Europe show what can be achieved with large scale, bone block therapy for rebuilding edentulous ridges prior to implant therapy.

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Vario SR Abutment

Comfour is a screw-retained abutment system for Camlog and Conelog implants from 3.3 - 5.0mm diameter. It is available in three different gingival heights, 0.5, 2.0 and 4.0mm. Read More

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