Drill Sequence for a Mandibular Premolar Implant

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A "starter" video showing a wide range of drill options for generating an implant channel. Designed for people starting with implantology.

An Implant Supported Telescopic Crown Convertible to a Cantilever Bridge should the Tooth Fail

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A 61-year-old male patient with a heavily restored dentition had problems in a maxillary premolar region. One tooth was poor, the other was compromised. The first premolar was removed and then later replaced with a Conelog® implant. This in turn was used to support a telescopic restoration on the weak adjacent premolar. This allows the region to be converted to a cantilever bridge if the tooth should fail.

Possible peri-implantitis

By Dr Jennifer Lowe 3

This reaction came sometime after the placement of the final restoration. What could cause this to happen?

Mandibular Incisor Implant and Provisional Restoration

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A "Beginner" case showing the placement and provisional restoration of a mandibular lateral incisor.

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Sharing Experience with Implantology

by Dr Peter Hunt

It’s great to see new clinicians coming into implantology, exploring, challenging traditions and finding their way forward. This month we are pleased to feature three new contributions from Dr Friedrich Mueller from Weisbaden, Germany.

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Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

PolyEther Ether Ketone, often known as PEEK, has several applications in dental implantology. PEEK is a durable, resilient, injection-molded plastic which can withstand high temperatures. PEEK is the only plastic certified for use in dentistry by the FDA because it can be sterilized. PEEK is commonly used in dentistry for scanbodies, temporary abutments and modeling aids. When used intra-orally they should not be used for more than one month as they tend to soften. Read More

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