Use of an Extracted Tooth Root for Ridge Augmentation

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This video shows the use of an extracted root to augment a resorbed maxillary central incisor ridge.

Rationale for Four Implants and an Eight-Unit Bridge in a Single Quadrant

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Some failing teeth in a quadrant meant that providing a fixed restoration on teeth was impossible. By using a carefully staged protocol to recover the alveolus, four implants were placed and were adequate to support an eight-unit bridge.

Disappointing Result from a Socket Regeneration Procedure in a Maxillary Central Incisor Region

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A failing enhanced socket regeneration procedure was re-treated by raising a flap to debride the region more thoroughly. An implant was placed and surrounded by another round of graft material. Hopefully this procedure will provide a better result.

Replacement of a Vertically Fractured Premolar

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A maxillary premolar is vertically fractured down to the osseous level. This video shows the removal of the tooth, degranulation of the socket, preparation of the implant channel and placement of an implant with a gingivaformer. Osseous augmentation was provided around the implant to fill the deficiency between the implant and the walls of the extraction socket.

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Complications can Mean you Need to Change Your Treatment Plan

by Dr Peter Hunt

As a dentist you must be able to think on your feet. You have to go in with a game plan, but have the ability to change it when the situation demands.

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Depth Stop for Form Drills

Vario SR Abutment

Removable stops which slide over the drill hub. They are color coded according to the size of the drill. They prevent the insertion of form drills beyond the set depth. Read More

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